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The MSc Marketing programme combines in-depth academic study with practical application. You are taught to analyze, apply and innovate with the latest marketing knowledge. Through interactive learning methods, with a strong emphasis on real-life cases and practical assignments, you will develop the ability to translate marketing theory into impactful strategies. Your journey will be marked by developing critical research skills, to be applied in the master thesis project.

During this one-year journey from September to July, you will be taught by the very best: leading experts who publish in the most prestigious international marketing journals. They will help you find your own way in the world of consumer marketing, marketing strategy, customer analytics, digital marketing, brand management, sustainability marketing, and more.

From day one, you will engage with global brands such as Unilever, Heineken, Philips, FrieslandCampina. Each course begins with a live challenge from these market leaders, offering you a unique chance to work closely with them and present your innovative solutions directly to their executive teams.

With a curriculum designed for aspiring marketing professionals, you can tailor your expertise by choosing one of three elective specializations:

• Digital Marketing and Analytics

• Brand and Customer Management

• Sustainability and Social Impact

For more information about the course schedule, see here the academic calendar.

Which specialisation do you choose?

Find out what the different possibilities are within the master's programme


Do you want to work in the growing field of digital marketing and develop the analytical skills needed for our increasingly complex media landscape? This specialization (DM&A) is designed to provide you with a deep understanding of the digital landscape, including the latest digital marketing strategies, tools, and technologies. Through the use of customer analytics and big data, you will gain practical skills in generating valuable insights about customers to improve marketing performance and return on investment.


Do you want to pursue a career in brand management, customer relationship management, or as a general marketing manager, both in B2C and B2B industries? This specialization (B&CM) is designed to support you if you have such a career goal! B&CM specialization equips you with the knowledge to analyze and optimize customer journeys and to design integrated experiences across various touchpoints. Dive deep into the world of brand management, learning how to incorporate the perspectives of consumers, firms and employees when managing brands.



Passionate about leveraging the power of marketing to create a better world? This specialization (S&SI) is designed for future marketing professionals who want to go beyond traditional marketing practices and apply their skills to promote consumer well-being, protect the planet, and strengthen societies. It includes topics such as nudging consumer choice, financial decision making, food marketing and health. Equipped with practical tools and frameworks, you will gain insights into how consumers respond to sustainability and learn strategies to foster sustainable practices within firms, among consumers, and in society at large.

As an S&SI graduate, you will find a wealth of opportunities across industries as businesses increasingly strive for sustainability and adapt their operations, products, and strategies accordingly. This specialization also serves as a robust foundation for roles in nonprofits, government agencies, or consultancies dedicated to crafting and implementing sustainable solutions for organizations.

Change your future with the Marketing programme

Change your future with the Marketing programme

On completing this Master’s programme, your career could go in many different directions.

As a graduate of the Msc Marketing, a world of different career opportunities opens up for you. You can start working in many different fields, our alumni have gone on from product or brand management positions to marketing research and online marketing consulting.

Explore your future prospects