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Studying organizations from a cultural perspective

Understanding organizational complexity

Are you looking for a unique, international master’s programme that bridges the human-centred approach of social sciences with the realm of management and organizations? Are you curious about how start-ups develop their company culture? Why mergers frequently fail? Or why organizations’ diversity and inclusion policies often miss the mark? If so, then the Culture, Organization and Management Master’s programme is just what you’re looking for!

There is no-one-size-fits-all solution to management. Power dynamics, emotions, social and cultural differences all come into play. It’s this focus on complexity and backstage behaviour that sets this master’s programme apart, as no other university offers this human-centred perspective on organizations and management.

During this one-year programme, you’ll learn qualitative methodology and apply it to dissecting complex organizational dynamics, diving into topics such as change management, HR policy measures, or the impact of globalization on organizations. With this knowledge in your arsenal, you’ll embark on a 3-month fieldwork research project on a topic of your own choosing, concluding with a thesis based on your research findings.

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This organization and management programme isn’t about desk research or sending out questionnaires. It’s about getting out there in the field, talking to people on the scene and behind the scenes, and offering up a mirror to the people and organizations you’re studying. You’ll need the empathy to understand the issues from the inside as well as the distance to uncover fresh insight that paves the way to effective problem-solving.

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