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Studying organizations from a cultural perspective

Understanding organizational complexity

Have you ever noticed how, despite all the planning ahead, things turn out completely different from what was planned? Or how difficult it can be to get people to work together?

It’s complicated to get things done, to manage, to organize, because it involves people. If you’re interested in such social processes then the VU Master’s programme in Culture, Organization and Management might be just the study you’re looking for.

Organisations are typically messy. There’s no one-size-fits-all management solution. Cultural bias comes into play. People make mistakes. Messages get lost along the way. And it’s this very complexity that makes the programme – and what you can do with your knowledge afterwards – so exciting.

Discover your Culture, Organization and Management programme

This organization and management programme isn’t about desk research or sending out questionnaires. It’s about getting out there in the field, talking to people on the scene, and offering up a mirror to the people and organisations you’re studying. You’ll need the empathy to understand the issues from the inside, but the distance to be able to come up with workable solutions. You’ll need the critical thinking and theoretical baggage to be able to deliver tough messages, but the diplomacy to be able to communicate effectively.

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