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Study, understand and influence human behaviour

What is the influence of the brain on our behaviour? How is our working environment related to our health? Which psychological interventions are evidence-based?

During the master's programme in Psychology, you will address these types of questions under the guidance of teachers with expertise in the various domains of psychology. You will learn to approach complex problems from an academic perspective. You will also develop practical skills that you will apply in different contexts and with different target groups within your chosen track. There is a strong link with professional practice in the courses as well as in the master’s thesis and internship. In this way, you will be trained as a scientist-practitioner and you will be able to solve practical problems in a scientific way.

The master's programme offers you plenty of opportunities to study what you are interested in—from how you carry out your research and study of clinical psychology in the broadest sense, to genetic predisposition, treatment or healthcare.

There are five different tracks of which one is taught in English:

  • Work and Organisational Psychology (English)
  • Clinical Developmental Psychology (Dutch)
  • Clinical Psychology (Dutch)
  • Clinical Neuropsychology (Dutch)
  • Forensic Neuropsychology (Dutch)

Discover your Psychology programme

Discover your Psychology programme

From early childhood to adulthood, our genes, brain, upbringing, life events and environmental factors influence how we think, feel and behave.

How do you determine a person's intelligence? What causes stress in the workplace? How do you conduct research in this area?

Do these questions make you curious? Then the master's in Psychology is for you.

With the track Work and Organizational Psychology, you can specialise and choose a specific career path and job profile.

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