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What makes us human?

At VU, our MSc programme goes beyond studying cultures to unwrap the complex layers of society and human interaction. It is an immersive exploration of the interconnectedness of human beliefs, values, and social norms. The course is hands-on and engaging, providing you with the skills to understand and analyse socio-cultural, political, and economic phenomena.

Applying anthropology

We will teach you critical analytical thinking, advanced research skills, and the profound cultural understanding needed to navigate complex real-world issues.

Today's global challenges demand innovative perspectives, which is where anthropologists come in. From climate change to social inequality, anthropology addresses society's most urgent issues like no other science can. Anthropologists are the architects of the future, sought after by public, private, and non-governmental organisations.

Our MSc in social and cultural anthropology offers two tracks: the social and cultural anthropology track; and the professional anthropology track. The first provides a set of skills tailored for students who want to have free choice of the social phenomenon they want to study for their thesis and the latter provides a different set of skills tailored to students who want to work in collaboration with their research stakeholders.

Both tracks are focused on practical application of academic expertise, putting theory directly into practice thereby preparing you for a career in various sectors.

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Why choose the Master’s Social and Cultural Anthropology?

The one year Master’s programme looks at people and cultures from multiple angles, across time and space. You will gain an inquisitive perspective on the world, on different societies, institutions and communities. As part of the programme you will undertake a unique three-month fieldwork period to carry out your own research. Students do this in countries, cultures and communities all over the world, close to home or far away.

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