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Charlotte Gerritsen about the SKO-traject

16 March 2023
Last week, several Science teachers obtained their Senior Teaching Qualification (STQ) certificate. Charlotte Gerritsen earned her certificate with a project on testing within a programme and group testing in particular.

Why did you choose the STQ track?
As chair of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) programme committee, my role is to monitor the content and quality of education and advise on areas for improvement. Through the many conversations I have with students and lecturers, it was clear to me that there are points for improvement. These points are perceived by both students and lecturers and are mainly rooted in the rapid growth our programme has experienced. In order to make an improvement over the curriculum, it is important to learn how to lead it process-wise and how this improvement can also be substantiated theoretically. That is the core of the STQ programme.

What did you learn during the programme?
During the STQ trajectory, we learned a lot about the theoretical background of a curriculum improvement but we also worked step by step on different components that were able to contribute to our final project. For instance, we evaluated our curriculum, heard several guest speakers on education policy at VU Amsterdam, and simulated a visitation process. All these exercises clarified how we can process a change in curriculum, how a programme relates to faculty and university, and who is needed to manage a change. In which the key lesson is that you do not bring about a change in curriculum alone but it is teamwork.

How does it contribute to doing your job?
The material we learnt during the STQ has given me the tools to better perform my job as chair of the curriculum committee. I am now better informed about the theoretical background of educational innovation, which enables me to further develop my vision of the curriculum. In addition, I now have a clear overview of the different roles within the faculty and know who to approach on certain issues.

Why is it important that something like the STQ track exists?
At the STQ, lecturers with a pivotal role in the curriculum are given the opportunity to learn to critically examine the content and quality of teaching and are given the tools to work on a project to improve teaching within a particular programme. The STQ plays a crucial role here. It gives teachers the opportunity to learn about education and the processes involved at curriculum level.

Would you like to participate in an STQ track yourself?