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Awards and nominations for SBE at Academy of Management

31 August 2022
A number of researchers from the School of Business and Economics were showered with multiple awards and nominations at the Academy of Management's (AOM) annual conference in Seattle this month.

The most important award, the All Academy Award, went to Amanda Porter, Philipp Tuertscher and Marleen Huysman for their paper Saving Our Oceans: Scaling the Impact of Robust Action Through Crowdsourcing. In addition, Jos Akkermans was awarded the Award for Outstanding Leadership and Service to Careers Division and Agnes Bäker received the Outstanding Reviewer Award. Jakob Stolberger had the honor of taking home the Best Reviewer Award from Human Relations 2022.

Other lucky winners, who received awards on behalf of SBE, are:

  • 2022 OMT Best Published Paper Award: Janina Klein and John Amis (2021). The Dynamics of Framing: Image, emotion, and the European migration crisis. Academy of Management Journal, 64: 1324-1354.
  • CTO Best Student Paper Award: Bomi Kim, VU Amsterdam (with Mohammad Hosein Rezazade Mehrizi): Generating Knowledge Around the Unknowable Algorithm
  • Outstanding AE Awards 2022: Lauren Waardenburg, IESEG School of Management
  • 2022 CAR Best Published Paper Award: Jon Briscoe, Robert Kase, ... Evgenia Lysova, Svetlana Khapova et al. Here, There, & Everywhere: Development and Validation of a Cross-Cuturally Representtaive Measure of Subjective Career Success. 
  • Best Division Paper Award first Runner up: Lauren Waardenburg, Anastasia Sergeeva, & Marleen Huysman: Juggling street work and data work: An ethnography of police and reporting practices
  • The Karen Legge Award 2021 - by the Journal of Management Studies, in recognition of an exceptional contribution by an early career academic: Jonathan Schad

Other SBE researchers who did not receive awards but were nominated are:

  • Dexter Award nominees: Elmira Van Den Broek, Stockholm School of Economics; Natalia Levina, NYU; Anastasia Sergeeva, VU Amsterdam: In Pursuit of Data: Negotiating tensions between data scientists and users of AI tools
  • Newman Award nominee: Lukas Falcke (Incoming Assistant Professor at KIN as of September 1, currently at the University of St Gallen) , Online Networking at Virtual Conferences: Using Features and Relational vs. Structural Social Capital
  • Nomination for the Best Overall Paper Award of the Careers Division: Schulze Schleithoff, Evgenia Lysova, Konstantin Korotov and Svetlana Khapova, How Does a Career Decision Become a Career Regret? A qualitative exploration
  • Strategic Management Best Paper Nomination: Victor Gilsing, Sarah Edris & René Belderbos, R&D collaborations with joint partners and the risk of knowledge leakage to rivals: The role of IP litigation strategy.

Academy of Management
The AOM, founded in 1936, is one of the most prestigious conferences where knowledge is distributed on the most current research in the field of management and organizational studies. It has 18,000 members in nearly 120 countries worldwide.