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Present with techniques from stage artists!

Want to get a better grasp on your students' attention? In the Theatre Skills course, you'll learn what techniques stage artists use to captivate their audiences. Then you'll practice applying these techniques in your own teaching practice.

For whom?
Teachers/lecturers in higher education who want to present their lectures and working groups more engagingly.
For Dutch teaching staff: this course is also taught in Dutch (go to the Dutch page).

Objective and result
Upon completion, you will know why an audience's attention span in lectures is relatively low and how to avoid this problem. You will learn to adapt your behavior to the situation, making your presentation more authentic and lively. The audience will feel more engaged as a result. In addition, you will learn to match your behavior to the content and thus capture the attention of the audience. For example, by captivating the content from the very first sentence, reinforcing the explanation with theatrical gestures and effectively using digital tools. The course has a high return on investment and helps you minimize non-effective behavior.

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