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Meet the global health challenge

Whether you’re looking to become a researcher, public health advocate or policy advisor, the opportunities are endless.

Employers recognise that Global Health graduates from VU Amsterdam are adept at the skills required to face global health challenges, such as:
• critically assessing research designs and researc, h proposals
• designing, implementing and ‘measuring’ interventions that address complex health challenges
• analysing and comparing different healthcare systems
• bringing together a variety of stakeholders to generate innovative solutions

As a Global Health graduate, you can work in many different types of jobs, including:
• lecturer
• researcher
• policy advisor
• public health advocate

You will also be well-equipped for a PhD programme at a university or research institute.

Elena Syurina, Master’s coordinator of Global Health programme

Elena Syurina highlights the internship component in the programme. “Having two internships possibilities is very attractive, because it can help you investigate different domains of Global Health and help you choose a path for your future career.”

What can you do after your Master's degree?

Where our alumni work

Our graduates have gone on to work in a wide variety of NGOs, research institutes, global health organisations and consultancies, such as:
• KIT Royal Tropical Institute
• World Health Organisation
• PharmAccess
• National public health institutes

Following a PhD programme

If you’d like to continue your academic career, you will also be well-equipped for a PhD programme at a university or research institute. In the Netherlands, PhD positions are usually paid roles (mostly for 3 or 4 years) for which you have to apply. You can carry out research on various topics, such as infectious diseases, health policy and other Global Health issues. 

Where has the Master’s in Global Health taken us?