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Discover the fundamental role of language in health communication

From dispute to dialogue: building bridges with language

Dialogue, Health and Society focuses on the theoretical and practical role of language in health communication and medical care. In a world where uncertainty reigns, conspiracy theories are eagerly shared, and citizens and patients grow stronger, dialogue has become indispensable. 

You will acquire advanced theoretical knowledge on how language is used in real-life contexts, varying from doctor-patient interaction to online debates on vaccination against Covid-19. You will also apply these insights and learn to design, monitor and evaluate dialogue practices during your internship. And last but not least, you will learn to understand and critically reflect on how the social context enables or limits dialogue practices and when, for example, debate should take place rather than dialogue.

On the page Curriculum you can find more information about the courses you will be taking. And on the page Future you can find out what the future prospects of this international track are. Want to check whether you meet the programme requirements? Go to the page Admission.

Dialogue, Health and Society is one of the tracks of the master's programme in Communication and Information Studies

Discover your Dialogue, Health and Society programme

Dialogue, Health and Society is an international master’s track that uniquely combines a solid theoretical understanding of real-life interactions on contemporary health topics with applied knowledge of facilitating dialogue. You will learn to analyse and support conversations in healthcare, including public debates and online discussions. Internships at health organisations will help you to prepare for your future career in practice.

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