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Build tomorrow’s hacker-proof computer systems

Research cutting-edge attacks and defenses in Cyberspace

Do you want to make global news headlines with groundbreaking Cybersecurity research or impact the security of billions of computers worldwide? Your first stop is our top Master’s programme Computer Security, powered by world-class researchers (VUSec and other CompSys groups).

The programme addresses the most ambitious technical challenges in Cybersecurity, with a focus on computer systems and networks security and topics such as hacking, side channels, hardening, verification, malware, vulnerability analysis, and reverse engineering.

The emphasis on low-level systems security is unique: other programmes tend to favor breadth over depth or focus on more theoretical Cybersecurity aspects.

Computer Security  

  • Unique: one-of-a-kind Master's programme in the Netherlands one of the few of its kind in the world 
  • Emphasis on low-level systems security: unique focus, in comparison with other programs that favor breadth over depth or focus on more theoretical Cybersecurity aspects. 
  • High demand: both the industry and Computer Science research departments arechasing well-qualified graduates in this field 
  • Personal attention: work together with the best researchers in the field 

Discover your study programme

Discover your study programme

Modern computer systems have become increasingly complex and riddled with vulnerabilities in software, such as Heartbleed, and hardware, such as Rowhammer or side channels enabling sophisticated microarchitectural attacks like Spectre, Meltdown, and RIDL. All these vulnerabilities are exploited by hackers to compromise real-world systems, implant malware, mount DDOS attacks, etc. And these are all topics you will cover in this Master’s programme.

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