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Companies and People: how they work, what roles they play

Companies and people: how they work, what roles they play

An IT start-up and a large corporate bank, or a big online retail firm and an international NGO. Businesses that on a first glance might not have a lot in common. But when you look closer, both are companies that need people to lead, to innovate and to work together. What do different organisations have in common, and what are the differences? How do they complement each other? And why are some more successful than others? If you are curious about the ins and outs of this ‘game’, about the companies active in business services and about the people who work for them, then Business Administration is the Master’s programme for you. 

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Because business administration is a very wide-ranging industry, so too is this degree. You engage in in-depth analysis of companies from a variety of sectors. You specialize in specific business processes. And you make use of know-how drawn from, among others, information technology, economics, psychology and the social sciences.

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