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Study and analyse human behaviour and wellbeing

So you’ve graduated as a junior psychologist, now what?

Most Bachelor’s graduates choose to continue their studies, but you can also start working as a junior psychologist at many different companies. 

You have a broad understanding of the different fields within psychology and have insight into individual differences and understand how people and groups influence one another. What’s more, you can identify thought and behavioural patterns that have become self-evident to others. During your studies you explored individual and group behaviour in all its facets. Why do people do what they do? And where does that behaviour come from? With the insights you gain, you can help others to broaden their horizons and change their behaviour for the better. Here, you come to understand that you are part of a greater whole, and your presence always influences what does or doesn’t happen.

What can you do after your Bachelor’s degree?

Start your career

With a Bachelor of Psychology degree under your belt, you have insight into what drives people and how to bring about behavioural change. In addition, you have well-developed communication and research skills, making you broadly employable. You can advise organisations on their human resources policy, conduct research, or implement projects aiming to change a company’s organisational culture. As such, you can work at research agencies, or in the HR and organisation departments of large companies and institutions.

Possible positions:

  • Junior researcher 
  • Trainer/coach 
  • HR officer
  • Policy advisor