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Understand the world of language learning

Language and Mind

Communication and Information Studies

So you’ve graduated - now what? Most graduates of the Bachelor’s programme in Communication and Information Studies choose to continue their studies, but you can also dive straight into one of many different positions.

Educational settings

Graduates with a degree in Language and Mind are well prepared for challenges in education. For example, you can start working at institutes that devote themselves to the improvement of language teaching in special education. Or how about developing teaching materials and language proficiency tests at an educational publishing company?

Employable in many fields

Thanks to your broad knowledge in the field of language and language acquisition, there are many more possibilities, also outside of educational settings. Consider, for instance, working at a translation agency, a publisher or a language policy department of a large city.

What can you do after your Bachelor’s degree?

Further your education

Many graduates from our Bachelor's programmes opt for continuing their studies. At VU Amsterdam, you can further specialize yourself in Toegepaste Taalwetenschap (Dutch taught programme) or in Linguistics: Language Description and Comparative Linguistics or in Linguistics: Text Mining. It is also possible, with a specific set of minor courses in your third year, to enroll in a 2-year teacher training programme to become a teacher of English (highest qualification: 1e graads) called Educatieve Master in de Taal- en Cultuurstudies (Dutch taught). It is also possible to join the track on Schrijven en Vertalen of the Master's programme in Communication and Information Studies (partly taught in Dutch).

Start your career

The Bachelor’s in Communication and Information Studies: Language and Mind gives you the knowledge and skills you will need as a language specialist. Applied linguists are in high demand on today’s labour market. You might work for organization dedicated to coaching children with language problems. Alternatively, you could teach Dutch or English as a second language, or work as a language analyst in government or in the business sector.

Possible positions:

Test developer
Teaching materials developer 
Language policy officer