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Language and Media

Communication and Information Studies

So you’ve graduated—now what? Most graduates of the Bachelor’s in Communication and Information Studies: Language and Media choose to continue their studies, but you can also dive straight into a range of different positions.

In the Language and Media specialisation, you are trained as a communications professional who knows how the choice of medium affects the content (140 characters on Twitter, images via Instagram), but also how language usage affects the message you are trying to convey. You are able to apply this knowledge in an international context.

As a graduate of this specialisation, you have a sound understanding of media use in relation to language use, the objectives that can be used to achieve, and a range of relevant research skills to study and shape communicative messages. This makes you well-placed to advise companies on their communication strategies.

What can you do after your Bachelor’s degree?

Further your education

Are you fully committed to Communication and Information Studies: Language and Media? The logical next step is to follow the continuing Master’s programme, specialising in Multimodal Communication or Dialogue, Health and Society.

Start your career

With a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Information Studies: Language and Media, you are attractive to a wide variety of employers. You have a strong academic background and specific knowledge of language, media and communication. You are able to create well-considered communication and educational products or advise on their development.

With your academic knowledge and practical skills, you will be a valuable asset in a rapidly developing field. Advising on the use of Facebook and Twitter, creating an attention-grabbing headline, writing an intriguing text or making informative use of images—before long you will master it all.

Possible positions:

Web editor
Webcare manager
Social media expert
Market researcher