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Learn about stakeholder engagement in education and research

Stakeholder Engagement in Education and Research (StEER) Toolbox

Welcome! This toolbox includes stakeholder engagement tools to facilitate community service learning and other forms of collaboration between science and society.

It provides inspiration to lecturers and researchers to learn about stakeholder engagement of varying degrees in education and research. This toolbox has been developed in order to support VU Amsterdam’s strategy to engage staff and students with the society as a whole. We present inspiring examples, models and testimonials on societal engagement, and provide background material and practical tools used by lecturers in their engagement activities. This “inspiration” toolbox will be useful for those who seek to explore the concepts of community service learning and participatory engagement in education and research.

This is a product of the Broader Mind – Community Service Learning (CSL) team, at the Athena Institute.


Modules in this toolbox

This toolbox includes four modules that provide inspiration and examples of community service learning and other stakeholder engagement initiatives for education and research. Each module provides examples and resources from courses and projects of VU Amsterdam. Please view the modules below:

The Broader Mind – CSL Team

Our team consists of a dedicated collective of professors, lecturers, researchers, and student assistants from the Athena institute who work with teachers and students across diverse faculties within VU Amsterdam to help foster the practice of community service learning. The team works closely with the A Broader Mind program of VU Amsterdam, and focuses on connecting teachers and students with societal partners, where students can use their academic skill to solve real-life societal issues, and the community partners can benefit from their support and expertise.

Spectrum of stakeholder engagement in service learning

Spectrum of stakeholder engagement in service learning

This toolbox is visualized in the form of a spectrum of stakeholder engagement in service learning practices - ranging from minimal level of stakeholder involvement (inform, consult, involve) to active participatory engagement in the form of co-creation (collaborate, empower).

View spectrum

Read more about the four modules