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Here you can find all information about how the situation in Ukraine affects education and research at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

The eyes of the world are on the war in Ukraine. The shocking images that constantly come to us through the news channels defy all description and touch everyone deeply. As a university, we are very concerned about the dramatic situation and developments in Ukraine and the consequences this has for the inhabitants, the universities and the academic community in Ukraine.

We are closely monitoring the situation in Ukraine and are looking for possibilities of further help and support for both our Ukrainian and our Russian students and staff. Students from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia who have been directly affected by the situation in Ukraine and meet acute financial difficulties can apply for an emergency fund set up by the VUAssociation. For information and how to apply, please email:

You can always contact us with questions or concerns. In the Q&A below you can find who you can contact for help.

Please also read our general statement.

This information is regularly updated in response to new developments.

Last modified on 15 May 2023.

Practical information for students from Ukraine

  • Tuition fees

    Tuition fee rates for students from Ukraine

    Most Dutch universities have lowered the tuition fees for the current academic year (2022-2023) for refugee students from Ukraine. This was also the case for some Universities of Applied Sciences (HBO/Hogeschool). The amount that most students now pay for an academic year is €2.209, the legal minimum. Ukrainian students are currently not entitled to reimbursement of travel costs or other study-related costs, or to student finance from the Dutch government.

    From academic year 2023-2024 onwards, the international fee for non-EU/EEA students applies to new students from Ukraine who wish to study at VU Amsterdam.

  • Temporary Protection Directive

    Temporary Protection Directive for refugees from Ukraine

    The temporary protection has been extended until 4 March 2024. Non-Ukrainians with a temporary residence permit in Ukraine are covered by the directive until 4 September 2023. Read more about what this means for the extension of your sticker or card on the website of the IND.

    What documents do I send to VU Amsterdam to prove my residence status?

    You will receive a letter from the IND regarding the extension of the sticker in your passport or the card. Please send the letter you received to It is proof of your residence status.

  • Graduation

    How can I receive my diploma in the affected areas?
    VU Amsterdam will keep your diploma until we can safely hand it over to you. You will automatically receive a graduation statement from us by email. If you have any questions, please contact the Student Desk at

  • Prospective students

    Nuffic information desk
    The information desk for students with a refugee status from Ukraine helps them in choosing their study. You can contact them with questions about studying via or check their website for more information about admission, residence and study options.

    Am I admissible with my diploma?
    If you want to apply to a Bachelor's programme at VU Amsterdam, please see the list of diplomas per country that are considered to meet the requirements. You can also visit or apply for a free international credential evaluation from IDW to see how your previous education in Ukraine compares to the Dutch education system. Please keep in mind that additional requirements apply depending on the programme of your choice.

    Regular (non-Numerus Fixus) Bachelor or Master programme 
    If you are looking for a full degree programme, you can apply as a regular international student if you meet the entry requirements. The next intake moment is 1 February 2023-2024 for a selection of programmes, and 1 September 2024-2025 for most other programmes. You can submit a request for enrolment via Studielink from 1 October 2023 onwards. 

    The application deadline for non-EU/EEA international students for non-fixus degree programmes is 1 April.

    Want to learn more about the application process? Then check out our step-by-step application video for international diploma applicants.

    If you have applied for asylum
    If you applied for asylum in the Netherlands, please read the information for asylum seekers and refugees on the website of the UAF.

  • Learning Dutch at VU Amsterdam

    If you would like to learn Dutch at VU Amsterdam, VU-NT2 offers a range of courses. Please find more information on our webpage.

  • FAQ

    You can find an extensive FAQ about studying in the Netherlands as a student from Ukraine on the website of the UAF. It lists answers to questions such as:

    • I am a refugee from Ukraine and want to study in the Netherlands. What do I have to think about?
    • I was studying Medicine in Ukraine. How can I continue my studies?
    • How does my diploma or previous education compare to the Dutch educational system?

Support for Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian students and staff

  • Financial support for students

    Emergency fund for VU students 
    The Executive Board has decided to start an emergency fund for students from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia who are directly affected by the situation in Ukraine and meet acute financial difficulties. For information and how to apply please mail to:

    Are you concerned about your financial situation and you would like to talk about this?
    Our student counsellors are here for you at to discuss your concerns.

    Can I get financial help if I cannot pay the rent?
    You can contact the student counsellors to discuss your situation. 

    I am in financial difficulties and am unable to pay my tuition fees. What should I do now?
    You can discuss the options via the Tuition fee consultation hour.

    I do not have access to my bank account. Can I get financial aid?
    You can contact the student counsellors to discuss your situation. 

    I can't support myself. What should I do?
    You can contact the student counsellors to discuss your situation.

    Insurance via AON?
    Please contact them in case you are graduating, and the student insurance is no longer valid. They will search for a reasonable solution. If you have problems paying for the insurance, you can contact them as well to ask for a payment arrangement. Students can contact AON via:

  • Visa and residency


    What are the consequences for my residence permit?
    All current information on the consequences for residence permits can be found on the IND website.

    I want to apply for asylum, can VU Amsterdam support this?
    No, VU Amsterdam is not able to help with applying for asylum. Up-to-date information about the possibilities of applying for asylum can be found on the IND website.

    Staff and PHD students

    What are the consequences for my residence permit?
    Information for Ukrainian Staff: On the IND website general information is available for Ukrainian staff travelling to the Netherlands and Ukrainian staff residing in the Netherlands.

    Information for Russian Staff: Information on travelling to and from Russia is available on this IND page.

    Contact IND: You can call the IND for questions on the following telephone number: 088 043 0430 and press 0. From outside the Netherlands, please call: +31 88 043 0430.

    Contact VU Staff Immigration office:
    Ukrainian and Russian staff members can also contact our VU Staff immigration team if you have specific questions, via

  • Health and wellbeing

    VU Students

    I experience a lot of stress and/or anxiety about the current situation and the future. Where can I go?
    You can contact the student psychologists counsellors to talk about your feelings by going to the walk-in consultation hours.

    I am concerned about family and/or friends in the affected areas. Who can I turn to?
    Our physical Student Wellbeing Point (main VU building, next to the Student Desk) is there for you. To offer a listening ear or to refer you to someone within the VU who can help with specific problems. We are in close contact with student counselors, academic advisors, student psychologists and the International Office. 

    I just need a listening ear. With whom can I talk?
    Our physical Student Wellbeing Point (main VU building, next to the Student Desk) is there for you. To offer a listening ear or to refer you to someone within the VU who can help with specific problems. We are in close contact with student counselors, academic advisors, student psychologists and the International Office. 

    I feel unsafe (at university) (because of my origin). Who can I turn to?
    You can contact the social safety coordinator at to talk about your situation. You can also do this anonymously.

    Which tools are available for self-help?
    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has launched a digital self-help tool for Ukrainians in collaboration with the WHO. The self-help tool ‘Doing What Matters in Times of Stress’ is available in Ukrainian and is designed to support Ukrainians, in their own country and abroad.

    VU Staff and PHD students

    If you experience distress or other problems, there are various people you may contact for advice and assistance. Please refer to the Help, support and advice page for more information. 

    For PhD candidates specifically, you may consult the PhD psychologist in case of, e.g., anxiety, stress, or mood problems.

  • Scholars at risk

    In solidarity with Ukraine, the Executive Board has made available a number of additional scholarships in the Academic Freedom Programme for scholars affected by the crises in Ukraine. VU Amsterdam is an active member of the Scholars at Risk network, a global network of higher education institutions arranging temporary research and teaching positions for threatened scholars. VU Amsterdam will also seek cooperation with SAR for the implementation of these additional scholarships for those scholars threatened by the war in Ukraine. Please contact one of the coordinators of the Academic Freedom project at VU Amsterdam ( if you are a threatened scholar in need of assistance or if you would like to host a threatened scholar at your faculty.

    ​VU Amsterdam is an active member of Scholars at Risk. With a global network of higher education institutions around the world they arrange short-term, temporary research and teaching positions for threatened scholars. Read more information about Scholars at Risk.

  • Hospitality grants for PhD students

    VU Amsterdam has created a fund to support Ph.D. students affected by the war in Ukraine. The support fund offers a contribution to hospitality for a term of 1 year at one of VU Amsterdam's faculties. Hospitality includes workspace and access to facilities; funds will be provided to the host faculty.

    Grants are also available for those who continue their Ph.D. research in Ukraine during the war and could benefit from a short term stay at VU.  VU Amsterdam has several grants available for Ph.D. students for a maximum stay of 3 months with the commitment to return to their home institution in Ukraine to continue their research with the knowledge and experience gained.

    Applications are invited from Ph.D. students who (1) are affected by the war in Ukraine, (2) have an invitation from a faculty at VU Amsterdam to join one of their research teams for a term of 3 months or 1 year, (3) have a letter from Ukrainian HEI justifying that they enrolled as a Ph.D. student (only for 3 months mobilities). Hospitality grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

    For more information, please contact Oleksandr Khyzhniak at

Initiatives - How can I help?

  • Crowdfunding campaign

    VUfonds has started a crowdfunding campaign to support the Ukrainian and Russian students in need. Your contribution is valuable and greatly appreciated!

  • Science for Ukraine

    The initiative 'Science for Ukraine' collects and distributes information about opportunities for Ukrainian students and researchers. More information can be found here


    The website is made by volunteers in cooperation with the Foundation Ukrainians in the Netherlands. This page is updated daily with the latest information from the foundation and helps you with the question "how can I help".

  • People for people

    Amsterdam's business community responding rapidly to the situation. People for People is a non-profit organisation supplying humanitarian aid for victims of the crisis in Ukraine.