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Welcome to the Department of Mathematics


The department of Mathematics advances mathematics and its applications in the broadest sense. We combine a strong fundamental component with a genuine interest in applications.

This combination is the basis of our our teaching curriculum and the same philosophy underlies our research activities. Research into fundamental and "pure" mathematics goes hand in hand with applications in biology and life sciences at large, in chemistry, in physics, in business and finance, and even in legal issues. Academic life at the department is dynamic, with our faculty, our many PhD students and postdocs, and our guests from all around the world.

More about members, seminars, vacancies, contact can be found at the bottom of this page.


Research at the department is done on a wide variety of topics. Ranging from pure curiosity driven research to very practical investigations with direct applications to our society. Most of this research falls in the following main themes:

 - Algebra and Number Theory
 - Topology
 - Dynamical Systems
 - Probability and Statistics
 - Analytics and Optimization
 - Biomathematics

In practice this is not a strictly disjoint division and cross fertilisation happens between many of these fields. Moreover, some of the research under Pure also has applied aspects, and vice versa for the research under Applied. In the research themes mentioned under Bridges we develop fundamental new mathematics as well as apply this to real world problems.

We furthermore participate in Collaborations.


The Department of Mathematics at VU Amsterdam offers a variety of mathematics courses and study programmes at all levels.

Our Bachelor programmes are:

Our Master programmes are:

We also offer the postgraduate programme Business Analytics / Data science (in Dutch).

If you want to pursue a PhD, please read the information on our PhD programme. 

All students can participate in activities of our lively study association.  

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