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The language of science

Discover a versatile field with unexpected applications

Did you know that modern cryptography uses prime numbers, or that bacterial growth is governed by differential equations? Or that the spread of forest fires and infections can be predicted by stochastic models? How about the discovery of gravitational waves, which confirms Einstein’s prediction that spacetime is described by Riemannian geometry? 

If you join the Mathematics programme, you can learn about both the fundamental aspects of mathematics and its applications. At Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam we develop fundamental mathematical theory in algebra, geometry, number theory, analysis, dynamical systems, probability, statistics and operations research. But we also apply this theory in areas as business analytics, data science, forensic statistics, systems biology, neuroscience, complex systems and many more.

Discover your Mathematics programme

Choosing to study Mathematics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam means you can focus on either pure or applied mathematics. You’ll have a wide variety of courses to choose from because the university’s research and teaching covers both sides of the equation. You’ll benefit from excellent opportunities to deepen your mathematical knowledge and skills, and to specialise in an area of particular interest by choosing one of the tracks.

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