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Barend Spanjers in De Volkskrant on student debt and mortgage application

14 April 2023
Increased student debt negatively affects the position of starters in the housing market. A so-called belofte-maakt-schuld compensation can provide relief. Barend Spanjers wrote an opinion piece in Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant.

The article titled ‘Geef starters met studieschuld een belofte-maakt-schuld compensatie’ (in Dutch) suggests a compensation for the false promises made by the Dutch government in 2015. Until a few years ago, a student debt did not influence a potential mortgage application.  This was also promised by the former Minister of Education Jet Bussemakers in 2015 when she changed the student financing system from gifts to loans. The size of student debts in the Netherlands has increased significantly in the past few years, partly because students believed that it would not influence their mortgage applications. We now know, however, that the government has broken its promise: a student loan will indeed heavily influence the size of a mortgage.

Read the article (please note, the article is in Dutch).