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Anne de la Croix Awarded Senior Comenius Fellowship by NRO

24 April 2022
Anne de la Croix was awarded a Senior Comenius Fellowship by NRO, accompanied by a 100.000 grant, for the project ‘Caring together, learning together: introducing parents of children with disabilities as educational partners’.

Medical students and other future health care professionals need to be more sensitive to the patient journey, care networks, and professions outside the hospital. In this project, parents of children with disabilities are introduced as educational partners. These parents form a rich learning resource due to their knowledge and experience. Parents get educational training and are collected in a ‘parent database’ so they can participate in multiple modules and courses. This innovation is characterised by collaboration and inter-disciplinarity. It creates understanding of the patient journey, knowledge of care networks, awareness of a career outside the hospital, and empathy in communication.