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Amplify magazine: DAOs and token-driven organisations

23 November 2022
The KIN Center researchers and Assistant Professors Nina-Birte Schirrmacher (a guest editor) and Lukas Andreas Falcke (a contributing author), collaborated with the team of Amplify magazine on the issue about the promises and reality of DAOs and token-driven organisations.

DAO is a new form of organisation in which participants are empowered through crypto tokens to contribute to its financial success. Token holders choose their own roles and tasks and vote on strategic decisions. The growing number of such decentralised communities calls into question traditional notions of organisation and work.

Nina-Birte Schirrmacher brings her expertise in the relationship between organisational practices and emerging technologies as a guest editor to the issue. Together with Michel Avital, another guest editor, and contributing authors, they explore the trends, innovations, technologies, applications, opportunities, and challenges in the management of emerging DAOs and token-driven organisations. 

DAOs have the potential to disrupt industries and change the way the world does business, however, potential pitfalls remain. Based on broad domain knowledge and first-hand experiences with launching DAOs, Lukas Falcke and Thomas Belkowski share their insights into holistic DAO governance. They reflect on typical challenges to offer five guidelines for prospective DAO founders on how to develop governance mechanisms that will allow their organisations to thrive. 

Read Amplify here.