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The human body as wall art in the MF building

1 June 2021
Recently, a piece of art depicting a human being was put on the walls of the basement through to the sixth floor of the MF Building.

The feet begin in the basement and the head reaches all the way up to the sixth floor. Each wall zooms in on a small part of the person: a part of the foot, back, hand or head. In April health sciences moved to the MF building, which means that all departments in the field of ‘Brain, Body & Behaviour’ are now located in the same building. The new wall art is intended to reflect the identity of the building’s users and cooperation within the building.

This identity relates to the interplay between brain, body and behaviour. Every location zooms in on one body part, which symbolizes the rich diversity of facts and data researched by the people there. When you zoom out the body parts form a complete person, because of course the research is ultimately about the bigger picture.

Those paying close attention will see that the body parts are made from small pixels in the form of three small icons. For every pillar (brain, body or behaviour) six icons were designed, so 18 in total. The icons relate to each of the three pillars, creating a visualization of the fact that there is always an interplay between brain, body and behaviour within one body part.