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Student psychological counsellors

Student Development provides various services to enhance the study results of students.

Student Development employs five experienced student psychological counsellors. They are experienced psychologists and specialised in study-related questions and  complaints. They offer both individual counselling and training programmes for students

Individual counselling

Students can turn to a student counsellor when they encounter study-related problems. We offer short individual counselling (five sessions) for problems such as: 

  • fear of failure
  • procrastination
  • problems with concentration
  • lack of discipline or motivation
  • study related stress 
  • negative self-image
  • graduation problems

The student counsellors are bound by a strict code of confidentiality. They will never discuss the reasons for a students’ consultation with anyone else without your express permission.
VU students can sign up via VUnet. The costs for an introductory appointment are € 12,50.

If you need more

In some situations a student is better off with another counsellor or practitioner. A referral can only happen with the students’ consent and has to be approved by your general practitioner.
In case of urgent study-related problems, a student dean or a study advisor can request a priority intake for the student.
If a student is in urgent need of a psychological counsellor, we strongly advise them to contact their general practitioner (“huisarts”) or the ‘ outside of office hours’ GP service: 088-0030600.

Back on track

Students who have trouble with motivation, structuring or planning, can get help from the counsellors and other students in the Back on Track groups. The costs for the BoT group are € 50,-, which gives students the right to participate in the group for 6 months. For more information and registration, click here.


Our student counsellors are available for questions and consultations for VU employees who are worried about a student.

Contact information

De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam, Main Building, 0E -hall.