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Payment of tuition fees: digital direct debit authorisation

You can pay your tuition fees by issuing a digital direct debit authorisation.

If you choose a digital direct debit authorisation, the amount will be debited from your account in one or five instalments. This happens automatically after you have given the authorisation in Studielink. Confirming the authorisation in Studielink is equivalent to payment and is often possible from the beginning of May.

Payment deadlines

  • For study programmes with a starting date of 1 February, the authorisation must be arranged by 31 January.
  • For numerus fixus study programmes, the authorisation must be arranged by 15 July.
  • For other Bachelor's programmes with VU Study Choice Check and Master's programmes with a starting date of 1 September, the authorisation must be arranged by 31 August.

Have we not received the payment by the deadline? Then your enrolment is not complete on time and you cannot start your programme on 1 February or 1 September. Make sure you make your payment on time.

Types of authorisation

  1. Single authorisation
    The total amount of tuition fees will be withdrawn from your account at the end of September.
  2. Authorisation in five instalments
    The tuition fees will be debited from your account in five instalments. A one-off administration fee of €24 will be charged with the first instalment. You can only cancel an authorisation when you deregister from the study programme.

Collection calendar 2022-2023

Term 1: 23 September 2022
Term 2: 25 November 2022
Term 3: 25 January 2023
Term 4: 24 March 2023
Term 5: 25 May 2023

How to issue a digital direct debit authorisation in Studielink

There are two possibilities for paying with this kind of digital authorisation:

  1. You pay yourself.
  2. Someone else pays.

On the Studielink website, you will find the current procedures for issuing a digital direct debit authorisation.

Important information

  • Do you want to pay from a bank account outside the SEPA area? In that case it is not possible to issue a digital direct debit authorisation in Studielink. You will then only be able to transfer the entire tuition fee in one go or pay by debit card at the Student Desk.
  • The digital direct debit authorisation will not be valid until you receive a confirmation email. Once you have issued an authorisation, you cannot change the data. Would you like to do so? Please contact the Student Desk and use the authorisation form to pass on the changes.
  • You will need a DigiD to issue this kind of digital authorisation. If someone else is paying for you, they will also need a DigiD. Do you not have a DigiD yet? Apply for it on time; it can take a few working days before you receive it. If you do not receive it before the deadline, please contact the Student Desk.
  • If you have authorised VU Amsterdam to collect your tuition fees from a British bank, this will only be possible on the basis of an IBAN and BIC. If the bank also requires an intermediary bank code, it is not possible for VU Amsterdam to collect from this bank. In that case, choose an account of another bank, preferably a Dutch bank.
  • Are you not sure yet whether you will be admitted to the study programme of your choice? In that case, you should issue a digital direct debit authorisation in advance; this will expire automatically if your application is rejected or if you do not complete the application.
  • Do you wish to cancel your application? If so, do so before 1 February or 1 September (depending on the start date of your study programme), in which case you will not owe any tuition fees and the authorisation will expire.


Do you have any questions? Please contact the Student Desk.

Call +31 (0)20 59 85020 (Mon – Fri: 10:30 – 12:30 and 14:00 – 16:00)

If you have questions about the tuition fee, Studielink or your personal dashboard on, please contact the Student Desk:

Are you currently a VU student? Ask your question via the question form (log in with your VUnetID)