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Honours Programme PPE

The Honours Programme is intended for PPE students, who, at the end of the first year of their Bachelor's programme have completed all their courses, have an average mark of a 7.5 and are motivated to take extra courses in the second and third year of their programme. As a PPE student, you can choose between the internal and the external Honours Programme (HP).

PPE Honours Programme (internal)
The John Stuart Mill College offers talented and motivated bachelor’s students the opportunity to study PPE in greater depth. The PPE Honours Programme can be followed alongside the second year and third year of your bachelor’s programme. If you complete the programme successfully and meet the requirements, you will receive a special diploma to demonstrate that you have completed this additional PPE Honours Programme. The information on this webpage concerns the internal PPE Honours Programme.  

VU Honours Programme (external)
Alternatively, students with good grades and a strong motivation can also be admitted to one of the three other VU Honours Programmes, namely those at the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Social Sciences, or the School for Business and Economics. These programmes involve 2-3 courses from these faculties (called faculty courses), most of the time including a research project with a member of faculty adding up to 12-18 EC, and 2-3 interfaculty elective courses from the VU, UvA or Amsterdam University College (AUC), adding up to another 12-18 EC. All Honours Programmes need to comprise 30 EC extra study load during the 2nd and 3rd years of study.

Why should you apply?

In this video Honours Programme students express their enthusiasm about this extracurricular opportunity. Watch and listen why they choose to participate, which aspects of the programme are most beneficial and how honours education has contributed to their deepening of knowledge and broadening their horizon.

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More information

  • Structure of the PPE Honours Programme (internal)

    PPE students are required to choose two disciplines from their second year onwards. If you choose to do the PPE Honours Programme, you take courses in all three PPE disciplines (Philosophy, Politics and Economics). This means you take 24 ECTS credits more in your second year from the third PPE discipline. Additionally, you do a HP research assistantship during your third year in which you perform a tutored research project. The research assistantship has to be approved by PPE Honours Coordinator Özlem Terzi. This programme adds up to 30 EC extra study load during the 2nd and 3rd years of your study. Please note that in semester 3, 4 and 6 of your studies, you must take one or two courses extra (so also next to your thesis). 

    2 Compulsory courses 3rd discipline second year12 EC
    2 Elective courses 3rd discipline second year12 EC
    1 Research-Assistantshipthird year 6 EC
  • Eligibility requirements

    • A serious motivation letter and the GPA being equal to 7.5 or more
    • A GPA of ≥ 7.5
  • Completion requirements

    • Graduation within 3 years (no study delays allowed)
    • GPA of ≥7.5 for non-HP courses
    • Completing the entire Honours Programme prior to graduation

Do you want to know more about the internal honours programme?

Please contact PPE Honours Coordinator Özlem Terzi.