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Application Honours Programme

Are you interested to participate in the VU Honours Programme? Would you like to know how you can apply and what are the requirements and deadlines? We kindly inform you on this page.

You can only apply for the VU Honours Programme in the first year of your bachelor studies. The application opens on this page in March. The next application deadline is 1 May 2025. The programme starts in your second bachelor year. During your first year you can join several information sessions to orient yourself on this unique programme.

Provisional entry to try out an honours course
If you want to try out an honours course during the 2nd semester of your first bachelor year, you need to apply for a provisional entry in November. We highly recommend this option! 

Ready to apply?

Scroll down for all the application details and the application form. 

Why should you apply?

In this video Honours Programme students express their enthusiasm about this extracurricular opportunity. Watch and listen why they choose to participate, which aspects of the programme are most beneficial and how honours education has contributed to their deepening of knowledge and broadening their horizon.

Are you ready to challenge yourself? Register before 1 May!

Application procedure

  • Application requirements

    You are eligible for the programme if:

    1. You are a motivated student with a broad interest and eager to commit yourself to a bigger study load. Honours students are expected to show active participation in class.
    2. You passed all your first-year bachelor courses by the end of year one with a grade average of 7.5. To read more about the regulations regarding your grades, visit the Teacher and Examination Regulations

    Admission to the Honours Programme is conditional at first, since not all first-year grades are known by the time application is due. If you are conditionally admitted in June, you will hear by the end of the summer whether your admission is final based on the grades of all your first-year bachelor courses.

  • Selection process

    You will be selected by your faculty on the basis of your application form, which often includes a motivation letter (in English) and a grade list incl. GPA You can download a transcript from your Dashboard (under "'Results overview”  > “Results overview with VU-Stamp" or ask the Student Service Desk for a copy). For the Faculties of Law and Medicine, a motivation letter is not needed.

    • In some cases your CV and an interview is part of the selection procedure. 
    • In case you are highly motivated and you have a grade average of at least 7.3, you can contact your faculty coordinator to discuss any alternative selection option.  
  • When & how to apply

    You can apply for the Honours Programme in the first year of your bachelor studies. A special application form will be published on the homepage in March, leading up to the application deadline (1 May). The programme starts in your second bachelor year.

    Make sure to upload a pdf-version of the required documents (grade list, motivation letter and, if necessary, your CV). You can export an overview of your obtained grades so far, including your grade average, via your personal VU dashboard (under "'Results overview”  > “Results overview with VU-Stamp").

  • Plan your application

    • In September, November and March we hold information sessions for first year students to explain all about the Honours Programme and answer your questions. 
    • In November you can apply for provisional entry. 
    • The official application process starts in March, the deadline is 1 May. 
    • The selection process of applications will take place in May. 
    • Mid-June the applicants will be informed by the faculty coordinators whether they have been admitted (conditionally). 
  • Once you are admitted

    Once you are admitted to the Honours Programme you will be invited to join the Try Out Class in June where you can orient on all interfaculty courses on offer of the UvA, VU and some AUC courses for your first honours semester. All details about courses, course registration and the Try Out Class can be read on the Course Registration page.

Provisional Entry: try out an honours course in year 1

  • What is provisional entry into the Honours Programme?

    As a first year bachelor student, you can apply for provisional entry into the Honours Programme. This means you can try out an honours course during the 2nd semester of your first bachelor year. 

    This has two advantages: 

    1. By trying out a course you can see whether the Honours Programme might be something for you;
    2. If afterwards you decide to apply for and are admitted to the Honours Programme, you will have already obtained your first 6 credits.

    Important! Provisional entry does not mean gaining automatic admission to the Honours Programme: if you want to join the Honours Programme, you still need to apply before 1 May.

  • When am I eligible for provisional entry?

    You are eligible for provisional entry if you are motivated to try out an honours course in the 2nd semester of your first bachelor year and passed all exams of the 1st and 2nd period with a grade average of 7.5. If you are likely to meet these requirements, you can submit an application for provisional entry.

    There are limited placed available to first year students.

  • How and when can I apply for provisional entry?

    You can apply for provisional entry by submitting the provisional entry form. Your faculty will review this application. In January you will be notified by your own faculty whether you have been admitted.

More about the VU Honours Programme and contact information