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The VU Honours Programme Explained

The Honours Programme is a joint programme offered by VU and UvA. It was designed to offer motivated and talented students more challenge during their bachelor studies.

In total, honours students earn 30 extra study credits on top of the 180 credits of their regular bachelor programme. The Honours Programme consists of two components:

  1. The interfaculty component (12 - 18 EC) is offered by different departments at VU and UvA. You cross the boundaries of your own study field by choosing from over 40 interdisciplinary honours courses at VU, UvA or AUC. These courses allow you to explore topics from various angles with students and lecturers from other disciplines. Curious? Discover the course offer here!
  2. The faculty component (12 - 18 EC) is offered by your own faculty at VU. With this part of the programme, you gain a more in-depth perspective on your own studies by taking extra courses at your faculty, extending your bachelor thesis or doing research. For more information, go to the honours page of your faculty.

Honours education mainly takes place in the evening. You receive an honours mentioning on your diploma if you complete the Honours Programme as well as your bachelor programme within three years, with a grade average of at least 7.5 for your regular bachelor courses.

Why should you apply?

You learn more
Both in and outside your own field of study

You attend courses with like-minded students and in small groups
While being taught by passionate academics

You shape your degree to suit your own ambitions and interests
By compiling your own set of courses

You distinguish yourself
By showing that you are motivated, not afraid to take on extra challenges and achieve more than average

You become part of a community
Offering extra opportunities

VU Honours Programme Team

We organize and manage the VU Honours Programme. We oversee the overall programme and its interfaculty component. The faculty components aremanaged by each separate faculty. You can reach us via

Eva Meijerink

Coordinator Honours Programme

Portrait Eva Meijerink

Joke Verwers

Staff member Honours Programme (course placement, registration, grade registration, etc.)

Picture Joke Verwers, photographer: Peter Valckx

Gemma van der Wal

Staff member Honours Programme (communication, events, website, course evaluations)