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Testimonials Honours Programme

Are you curious to know how Honours Programme participants reflect on the influence it has had on their own personal development?

Watch and read the testimonials below and learn more about the benefits of the VU Honours Programme and how it can support you in unlocking your potential to achieve profound academic, personal and professional objectives.

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Why should you apply?

In this video Honours Programme students express their enthusiasm about this extracurricular opportunity. Watch and listen why they choose to participate, which aspects of the programme are most beneficial and how honours education has contributed to their deepening of knowledge and broadening their horizon.

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Lecturer about the VU Honours Programme

In this video Honours Programme coordinator dr. Jorim Tielbeek expresses his enthusiasm about teaching in this extracurricular opportunity for students. Watch and listen why he chooses to create and offer courses and how honours education has contributed to his own development and learning.

Also watch the students testimonial movie here!

Students share about their honours journey

Read these testimonials and get inspired to start your own honours journey.

Pelin Zenginoglu

MSc Social Science, "The HP gave me a lot of insights in other fields of the academic world, which enriched my way of thinking and doing research. To give an example: I learned new ways of doing field work, by going on a field trip to Istanbul and working on this for five days straight. This skill I used for one of my regular courses where I had to do observatory field work again."

Pelin Zenginoglu

Dr. Jorim Tielbeek

Coordinator - several honours courses, "What I find really special about honours education is that it is centered around big questions: what is consciousness? Will smart machines replace human workers? Can law & love replace law & order? How can we eliminate food waste? Can we actually repair planet earth? These big questions require interdisciplinary thinking. We discuss these fascinating questions with a small group of very motivated young people coming from different backgrounds, each providing their unique perspective. "

Fiona Dragu

Bachelor Law in Society, "I saw the Honours Programme as an opportunity to gain control over my studies and to do something for myself specifically. It offered me the chance to develop my skills in an academic and non-academic way. I feel these new skills will help me further in life."

Maaike de Reuver

MSc Religion and Theology, "The VU Honours Programme offered me a challenging opportunity to intensify my studies. The interdepartmental part of the programme provided me to interact with motivated students from different faculties and different universities, which is very enriching."

FRT Maaike de Reuver Honours program

Marie Mink

International student, Blogpost, "The Honours Programme has not only helped me to thrive academically, but it also accelerated my personal growth in a very unique way that I will be forever grateful for. I was able to make new friends, go on trips, dive deeply into topics that sparked my interests, and slowly but surely overcome some of my anxiety and shyness." > Read the full blogpost:

Abdullah Almayali

BSc Medicine, "The Honours Programme offered me the opportunity to conduct my own research. It needed some discipline because the courses are in the evening hours. But it offered me so much, including many interesting discussions, brainstorm sessions and very interesting trips outside of the university."

Ani Pogosian

Student ACTA, "Participating in the Honours Programme is good for my general development. I discover new areas that interest me and come into contact with students who have the same interests."

Ani Pogosian

Björn Klitsie

BSc Law, "When looking back at my participation in the Honours Programme, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘something different’. Especially in the interdepartmental courses, I was exposed to new ways of learning, cooperating and taking actual action. I would say that a pitfall of regular bachelors is that there is a disproportionate focus on theory, whereas the Honours Programme educates in a way that is exciting, hands-on and setting you up for whatever career prospects you have in mind."

Sara Ben Hmido

BSc Medicine , “The Honours Programme has been a great opportunity to challenge myself during my regular medical curriculum. I immersed myself into different kind of topics outside of my own expertise. Also, it has taught me many more news skills and provided me with a network that supports me for the future.”

Julian Olagoke

BSc International Business Administration, "With the Honours Programme I wanted to make myself more attractive for future employers. On top of that it was exciting, with new context and meeting many fellow students to talk to and build new friendships. I have really challenged myself during this programme."

Charissa de Herdt

MSc Medicine , "Through the Honours Programme I have developed myself further and gained knowledge of subjects outside of Medicine. Because I could choose my own orientation, I also got to know myself better."

Luis Pelaez

External alumnus PPE, "Every lecture was presented by a different person from the field. That gave me a different understanding of subjects like international development and new energy, and brought me a lot closer to my career perspectives, because you see what people did with their degrees. The research colloquium was the capstone project of all. However, it was not too demanding with the PPE programme. You can certainly do both."