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Understanding politics in a complex world

The Master’s Political Science programme will develop skills that are in high demand across a range of disciplines. You will be an expert in research methodology, for instance, knowing how to collect, analyse and process data. You will be able to apply analytical skills to understand complex environments and the interconnectivity between the different players, whether individuals, organisations or institutions.

You will be familiar with the core debates in political science and be able to apply them to contemporary issues in a variety of different environments.

As well as being able to conduct independent research you will have teamworking skills. You will be able to write reports, draft policy documents, conduct presentations before a group, write blogs, summaries, and essays. You will have mastered the skills of debate and effective argumentation.

You will have acquired a helicopter view of today’s complex political environment. The key issues in current societal problems will be familiar to you and you will have the capacity to formulate solutions to such problems.

Entering the job market

Well-equipped to work in complex environments, where understanding the different interests behind societal problems is key, and with sharp research skills, a range of career paths will be open to you. You could become a politician, work for local government, a human rights organisation or a multinational company – perhaps in an advisory or policy-making role. You could go into journalism or continue in academia as a researcher.

Positions you will be qualified for include foreign correspondents, policy analysts, public relations specialists, and, in a world where public opinion is increasingly shaped by online networks, you could become a social media manager. Political consultancy, decision-making roles in NGOs and multinationals are also popular career choices.

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