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Business law for a better world

The improvement of legal academic skills constitutes an important goal of the IBL Master’s programme.

The courses require writing several papers and preparing oral presentations, which will improve your performance and will help you to communicate effectively in (international) business relations. In addition, you will develop skills to anticipate, analyse and address legal problems that may arise in practice. The IBL Master’s programme is designed to offer you the opportunity to acquire both theoretical and practical legal skills.

What can you do after your Master's degree?

Entering the job market

Students who successfully completed the programme have a wide range of career choices. They can work as business lawyers, in-house legal counsels for companies, government officials, corporate executives, legal professionals for an international (intergovernmental) organization or NGO, legal reseachers, and more.

Our alumni have jobs at, e.g., multinational companies, international law firms, banks and international accounting companies all over the world. Others pursue a career as a legal counsel in government institutions or international organizations. Some alumni choose to further develop their academic legal research skills by enrolling into a PhD programme at VU or elsewhere.

Effectus civilis

Together with a Dutch academic Bachelor of Laws degree, the IBL Master's degree provides for the effectus civilis. A Dutch IBL Master graduate may thus opt for a career at a law firm in the Netherlands and can become a member of the Dutch Bar Association (Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten).