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Understand how media culture, arts, and the environment interact

Arts & Culture: Comparative Arts and Media Studies

Our programme will equip you with the skills necessary to navigate the contemporary arts scene and media culture.

You will have a strong theoretical foundation that you can use to critically analyse and historically contextualise complex intermedial processes and practices. The programme will enable you to use comparative methods to explore aesthetic, technological, environmental and other aspects of contemporary culture. This can be applied both to traditional media such as film, television, radio, and the visual arts, as well as more contemporary media forms including games, web-based formats such as memes, apps, platforms and interfaces.

Practical skills may be obtained through internships in various cultural institutions.

You will acquire a set of overarching competencies that are highly valued in the job market irrespective of your career: critical thinking, research design and analytical skills, and the ability to communicate and present complex ideas with clarity.

Alumni of our programme work for cultural heritage institutions, including museums and archives, are active in curation, national and international cultural policy or editorial roles. Other possibilities include work in media production and distribution, social media, communication and public relations, as well as in festival and event organisation and higher education and research.

What can you do after your Master's degree?

Entering the job market

After completing the Master's programme, our graduates have worked at:

Academies and other educational institutions.
Museums, archives, galleries and art foundations: as curators, curator assistants, researchers, archivists and managers of private collections, project managers, marketing & communication officers and educators.
The world of film, TV and games: as content, social media and communication managers, planners, and as professional film, video- and (mobile) game makers and scriptwriters
Festival and event organisations: as directors and curators, and their assistants
Private enterprises: specialised in website improvement, content management, marketing & communication, project management, and consultancy
National and local governments
Professional copywriting and sponsoring

Opting for a PhD/specialization

If you wish to pursue an academic career, apply to the Humanities Research Master: Critical Studies in Art and Culture (Media, Visual Arts, Design, Architecture).