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Understand modern and contemporary media and audiovisual culture

Arts & Culture: Comparative Arts and Media Studies

Are you interested in the dynamic interrelations between media and arts?

Audiovisual media are essential to our society. Platforms, interfaces and networked media infrastructures have become ubiquitous and affect all aspects of private and public life. Digital media have profoundly reconfigured art and culture, and the aesthetics of politics.

These technological developments bring into question traditional borders between cinema, television, radio and the Internet. But they have also radically changed how we create, exhibit, view and interact with art and cultural objects.

In this specialisation, you will explore historical, theoretical and analytical perspectives on these phenomena while also examining exhibition and archival practices. 

Comparative Arts and Media Studies is one of the tracks of the master's programme in Arts & Culture. Find more information about the other tracks here.

Discover your Arts & Culture: Comparative Arts and Media Studies

Discover your Arts & Culture: Comparative Arts and Media Studies

This academically diverse programme offers you a unique opportunity to study cultural processes that take place across various media, formats and art forms. Our Comparative Arts and Media Studies programme combines a strong conceptual and theoretical grounding with the analysis of concrete curatorial and artistic practices. Our teaching draws on multiple perspectives to help students to situate themselves in the field and further develop their ability to think critically. The comparative approach to practices of spectatorship, processes of mediation and exhibition is unique in the Netherlands.

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Man looking at abstract Nighttime cityscape being projected in gallery space