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Decipher truth and reality

So you’ve graduated—now what? With a Bachelor of Philosophy, you will have laid a broad foundation for your future. You can find a job or follow a master’s degree at VU Amsterdam or elsewhere. What will be your next step?

During your studies in Philosophy you have learnt to ask fundamental and critical questions about issues that matter to society. You have learnt to inquire into such issues from various perspectives. You are proficient in reading, interpreting, and evaluating texts critically. You are capable of writing academic texts, and can set forth and support your views in oral presentations. 

This combination of knowledge and skills makes you an appealing candidate for all manner of employers. Equipped with a Bachelor of Philosophy degree, you can apply as an ethics or policy advisor, but as a teacher or journalist too. Statistics show that philosophy graduates have the best chances of finding a job among the humanities students.

What can you do after your Bachelor’s degree?

Further your education

Keen to dedicate yourself to philosophy? The logical next step is to continue your studies with a Research Master of Philosophy.

Start your career

With a Bachelor of Philosophy degree, you are an attractive candidate for all kinds of employers and positions: the skills you have acquired will be advantageous in many situations. You could work as a policy consultant at a government agency, as an ethics advisor to a committee or a board, or as a high school teacher.

Possible positions:

Hospital policy consultant
Philosophy teacher
Debating coach
Project manager