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Lead the communication revolution

So you’ve graduated—now what? 

Most graduates of Communication Science choose to continue their studies, but you can also dive straight into a range of different positions.

During your studies you learnt to view communication through a critical lens. Never again will you take the news at face value. You are wise to politicians’ rhetorical strategies and you understand how external communication changes your world.

You have learnt to analyse texts, identify hidden messages and solve communication problems in society. As a graduate of Communication Science, you are well-suited to the role of spokesperson for a political party or communication consultant in an organisation or company.

What can you do after your Bachelor’s degree?

Further your education

Are you fully committed to Communication Science? The logical next step is to follow the continuing Master’s programme of the same name (in Dutch).

Thanks to the research skills and methods you have acquired during the bachelor programme, you are also well-prepared for various related master’s programmes at VU Amsterdam, including Policy, Communication and Organization (in Dutch); Sociology (in Dutch); Journalism (in Dutch); Marketing; and the Research Master of Societal Resilience.

Start your career

With a Bachelor of Communication Science degree, you are now an attractive candidate for many different employers. Organisations such as Shell, Greenpeace, and political parties would be nowhere without good communication; good projects are bound to fail if the communication surrounding them is poor. You could work for such an organisation, as well as many others, as a communication consultant, social media editor, or webcare specialist.