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Mineral Separation Laboratory

The Mineral Separation Laboratory facilitates sample preparation for both internal and external researchers.

Here we list all available laboratory equipment, including manuals for using the different machines. Please contact Roel van Elsas for more information about the services of the Mineral Separation Laboratory.

The Mineral Separation Laboratory performs the following treatments of samples:

  • splitting and crushing 
  • cleaning, washing and/or desliming
  • heavy liquid separations 
  • magnetic separations 
  • separation by shape
  • optical microscopy and mineral picking

Rock samples (igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary) are reduced into smaller pieces and fractionated in order to select minerals. Depending on type of mineral various separation techniques are applied.

Instruments and facilities
Below we list all available equipment. General information about cleaning, sieve fractions, general work instructions and work schemes for the different minerals are also provided.

Desliming machine
Jaw crusher
Loc50 dijood
Mini Jaw crusher
Ore magnet
Manual micropicker
Carpco roll-magnet
Sieve fractions
Wet sieve

Mr. R. van Elsas
Phone: +31 (0)20 59 87379
Mobile: 06-28961356