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Use the rocksplitter to reduce big fragments with hydrolic pressure (maximum pressure = 20 tons). Eventually the sample has to be reduced to rock fragments of approximately 3 cm3 before they can be crushed in the jaw crusher. Don't forget to retain one good, 'fist-sized' rock sample.

The use of laboratory coat and working gloves are compulsory while working. Safety goggles as well as hearing protection must be used. Check if machines and chisels are clean.
Before starting to work turn on the air extractor (green button next to the door) and open the valve of the machine (other valves must be closed where possible).


The rocksplitter is meant to split big rock samples.
Observe the following method:

  • The operation panel is right on the back of the wall. Turn on main switch (red) and System Control (green button).
  • A footswitch (yellow) with two positions is situated on the floor: One in front for low pressure with door open and one in the back to obtain high pressure with door closed. With door open it is possible to clasp the rock between the chisels by pressing the front foot switch button.
  • Now close door and start pressing the rear foot switch button. The maximum pressure of 20 tons is now exercised. Note that the entire machine will shake to its foundations during the splitting of the rock. Keep on splitting until the rock fragments will have reached the size of about 250 cm3. Collect the pieces in a stainless steel bowl.


After using the machines, and between the splitting of two samples everything has to be cleaned thoroughly. Use the vacuum cleaner (on/off buttons on the jaw crusher box)
Remove the rubber mats too and don't forget the chisels.

When everything is ready turn off the main switch.