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Expertise labs ISR

Where science and practice meet.

Within ‘expertise labs’, the ISR links the academic expertise of researchers with the practical experience of professionals. In these expertise labs, experts share knowledge and experiences during expert meetings or research projects. In this way, social partner organizations can benefit directly from the results of scientific research. Moreover, the lab offers the optimum environment to collectively come to a socially relevant and innovative research agenda.

The ISR consists of eleven expertise labs:

  • Crisis Resilience Academy

    The Crisis Resilience Academy focuses on learning to better understand – and where possible augment – the interactions and collaboration between formal authorities, organizations, and other involved communities during crisis situations.

    More information about the Crisis Resilience Academy can be found here

  • Infrastructure, Sustainability and Commons (ISC)

    The principle of ISC is that sustainability for humankind and the environment is accompanied by a radical reconsideration of established social-cultural conceptions about nature, society, economy, politics and the position of humankind in the world.

    More information about ISC can be found here.

  • Knowledge hub Security and Social Resilience

    The knowledge hub Security and Social Resilience supports ministries, municipalities, the police, and security regions in their approach towards security problems. These could be complex issues such as social conflicts in neighborhoods, policing and public order maintenance, the organization of the police, (de-) radicalization, citizen participation, criminal infiltration, and how security is experienced by ordinary people. 

    More information about the Knowledge hub Security and Social Resilience can be found here.

  • Transformations in Urban Education

    The expertise lab Transformations in Urban Education focuses on strengthening an inspiring an inclusive school culture for the involved schools. By doing so pupils and students can develop and climb the school ladder. Thus, supporting not only their motivation and improving their results, but also making them feel more at home at their school and improving their social development. This in turn strengthens the effect of education to help pupils climb the social ladder more successfully.

    More information about Transformations in Urban Education can be found here.

  • Polarisation lab

    In the Polarisation lab academic reflection, professional expertise and practical knowledge is exchanged between researchers, policy makers and professionals. The goal is to better understand polarization and to offer perspectives that not only soften the destructive effects of polarization in the community but also enable the constructive effects.

    More information about the Polarisation lab can be found here.

  • Refugee Academy

    The Refugee Academy offers a framework where existing academic, professional, and local knowledge is linked to bring research and practice surrounding the refugee crisis closer together. The Refugee Academy does this by organizing thematic meetings for professionals, engaged individuals and researchers.

    More information about the Refugee Academy can be found here.

  • Resilient Identities

    What is it like to grow up in a polarizing environment? Which programs are most likely to prevent alienization and radicalization in the form of violence?

    Together with policy makers, law enforcement agencies, young people and youth workers, the expertise lab Resilient Identities conducts research into these questions. All partners who unite in the lab are confronted with the disruptive effects of social alienation, polarization and (sometimes also) extremism in various ways, and feel the need to take on a sufficiently robust role in a theme dominated by the security agenda.

    More information about Resilient Identities can be found here.

  • Societal Impact of Digital Media Lab

    In the research of the Societal Impact of Digital Media (SIM) lab, digital media technologies and resilience are central. SIM focuses on the successful utilization of positive, healthy, and functional media-effects and effective effects against potential negative consequences of media.

    More information about SIM can be found here.

  • Resilience in Care

    Resilient care means that healthcare can anticipate societal developments, recognize the various (and changing) interests of the different /stakeholders/ and optimally utilize their experiences, insights, and perspectives to come up with better care solutions.

    More information about Resilience in Care can be found here