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Organisation FRT

The Faculty Board is the primary governing body of the faculty. The Board consists of a dean, a research portfolio holder, and an education portfolio holder.

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Organisation FRT

  • Faculty Board

    The Faculty Board is the main governing body of the Faculty. Since the introduction of the MUB (Modernization of the University Administrative Structure Act) in 1998, the Faculty has been managed by the Faculty Board.

    The board consists of a dean, a research portfolio holder and an education portfolio holder. The board is assisted by the director of operations. He is also in charge of the office of the faculty. A student is an advisory member of the Faculty Board. The board is accountable to the Executive Board.

  • Participation Bodies

    There are two participation bodies:

    • the Faculty Student Council (FSR), (as part of the University Student Council)
    • the Subcommittee (as part of the Works Council)

    Three students have a seat on the Student Council. The Subcommittee consists of four employees. Together they form the Joint Assembly of the faculty. The Joint Assembly regularly consults with the Faculty Board. Participation is laid down in various university and faculty regulations.

  • Education Committee/Programme Committee

    Each program has a Program Committee. These program committees have been merged into one Education committee. The Education Committee has a number of tasks, including advising on the education and examination regulations before the Faculty Board adopts the regulations.

  • Examination Committee

    Every study program has an Examination Board. Among other things, the Examination Board lays down rules regarding the proper conduct of examinations and determines the results of the examinations. More information: Examination Board.

  • Faculty Student Council (FSR)

    All students can stand for election to the Faculty Student Council. In principle, the Student Council has a say in all matters that affect the faculty, both regarding the practical course of affairs and the educational or student facilities. Elections are held every year. More about the Faculty Student Council (FSR).

  • Research and departments

    The Faculty of Religion and Theology conducts high-quality research into religion and belief. Attention is paid to the sources and traditions of various religions and movements, as well as to their ideas and practices in interaction with contemporary society and culture.

    Research Departments

    The Faculty of Religion and Theology has two research departments: Texts and Traditions and Beliefs and Practices. More about these research departments.

    Research groups

    The faculty has organized itself into fourteen research groups. The research focuses of our research groups range from specific (denominational) traditions, the dialogue between different traditions, to exploring and facilitating the interaction between religion and society.

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