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Faculty of Religion and Theology

Faculty of Religion and Theology

The Faculty of Religion and Theology (FRT) is the knowledge center for religion in society. Because religion matters in people's lives and in societal challenges such as climate change and conflict.

That is why our scientists from different academic disciplines and religious backgrounds research the sources, history, beliefs and contemporary practices of religious traditions.

FRT is a workplace where academics and students of different religious beliefs come together. From Buddhists to Christians and from Muslims to atheists: we enter into a conversation with each other. Differences and controversies are not avoided but taken seriously in dialogue and debate. This is how we train future leaders: for religious communities, education, care and NGOs.

To study Religion and Theology at our Faculty

To study Religion and Theology at our Faculty

"We challenge ourselves and each other to critical scholarship, personal engagement, and respectful dialogue. Whether you opt for an educational programme at our faculty or call upon our researchers, horizons will open and new perspectives will unfold."

Prof. dr. Ruard Ganzevoort
Dean of the Faculty of Religion and Theology

Shape your own journey

A study programme at the Faculty of Religion and Theology offers many ways to shape your own journey. With a master's degree at our faculty you can work as a religion journalist or as a spiritual caretaker. And with a bachelor's and master's degree in Theology, a career as a philosophy teacher or a path as a postdoctoral researcher is one of your options. 

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More about the Faculty of Religion and Theology

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