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Provision room during exams

Last updated on 9 March 2023
The provision room is a low-stimulus area provided by the VU, in which students with certain disabilities can take their exams.

Provision room during exams

  • What and where is the provision room?

    The provision room is a low-stimulus area* provided by the VU, where students with disabilities can take their exams. The rooms can be found on the 1G-wing in the Main Building** (also known as the Philosophers' court). There are several classrooms next to each other, based on the number of exams. The provision room is only accessible for students who have registered for the provision room. 

    *Please note! The rooms are low-stimulus and not stimulus-free. 

    **The area is only accessible through the ground floor. Walk towards the elevators and turn right as you pass them. Walk through the white hallway and take the stairs or the elevator to the first floor. You have now reached the provision room.

  • Who is the provision room for?

    The provision room is for students with a disability who have been granted the provision 'low-stress area during exams' and/or 'digital'. Here you can take your exams with a maximum of 14 other students. All faculties except ACTA are partaking in the provision room.

    Have you only been granted 'Digital' as provision and the exam is:

      • Written: you can take the exam in the provision room. There are computers where you can digitally take your exam. 
      • Digital: you will have to take the exam on the location in your personal schedule and not in the provision room. 

    If you have been granted both 'low-stress room during exam' and 'digital' , you can take both a written and digital exam in the provision room.

  • How to (de)register for the provision room?

    You have to register for every exam and resit at least 14 days before the exam takes place. (For example: if an exam is on Thursday October 26th, you can register until Wednesday October 11th, 23.59h.) You can register through this form. Registration is only possible if you have been granted the provision 'low-stress room during exam' and/or 'laptop' . To deregister, please use the same form. Please note! Students from the Faculty of Medicine have to register through this form instead. 

    Please note!

    • You will not receive a conformation regarding your registration for the provision room.
    • The location of the provision room will not be visible in your personal schedule and will not be send to you for every exam. You will only be notified if there are any changes. On the entrance door to the provision room, you will find a schedule guiding you to the correct room.
    • In order to take the exam in the provision room, you will first have to be granted a facility. If you have not been granted one yet, please contact your academic advisor.  
    • In addition to registering for the provision room (via the form), you also need to be signed up for the (re)examination. Check this through the registration module. If it is not indicated that you have signed up for the examination, you cannot take the exam in the facility hall because the exam will not available there. In that case, you will be referred to the location of the regular examination as provided within your personal schedule. There, you can take the exam if there is sufficient space. Please note that your provisions cannot be provided in the regular hall, so they may be forfeited for the respective exam. If there is no longer any space available in the regular hall, you will be referred to the next available exam opportunity.
  • Rules in the provision room

    • Make sure to arrive 15 minutes before the exam starts.
    • At arrival, you will find the number of your specific room on the glass doors. All the rooms are in the 1G-wing of the Main Building.
    • Please be seated in the row as assigned by the surveillance.
    • Have you not registered (in time) for the provision room? You will not be expected and therefore no exam will be provided to you.
    • You can find all other general exam rules here
  • Questions?

    For questions regarding your registration or any uncertainties about the process, please contact the Educational Office of your faculty. For questions about your facility, please contact your academic advisor. 

Do you have questions about studying with a disability?

Please contact the Info Point! They can refer you to the right contact person.

The academic advisor of your programme is your first contact person.

Schedule an online appointment via the calendar. An Info Point staff member will then contact you by phone.

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