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The Scientific and Ethical Review Board (VCWE)

Last updated on 11 July 2023
The ethics committee of the Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences (in Dutch: Vaste Commissie Wetenschap en Ethiek, VCWE) advises the Faculty Board, solicited or unsolicited, on the organization and quality assurance of research within the faculty. The main task is to review research protocols for ethical aspects. In addition, it is also possible to review research proposals for scientific quality.

Every researcher is expected to adhere to the standards of good research (see Universities of the Netherlands). Each researcher is therefore responsible for safeguarding the scientific integrity and ethical aspects of their own research. The VCWE helps with this by evaluating research protocols for ethical aspects and advising on the integrity and ethical aspects of the scientific research at the Faculty.

Before a researcher from the Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences (FGB) offers a research protocol to the VCWE, the researcher is advised to first study the code of ethics for research at the FGB (NETHICS). This explains, for example, in which cases a research proposal must be submitted to the Medical Ethical Review Committee (METc), because the research falls under the Medical Research Act (WMO; see also the CCMO). In the event that the METc is only approached for a non-WMO statement, it is recommended that if this non-WMO statement is granted, the research protocol is also submitted to the VCWE for ethical review. This ethical assessment is not carried out by the METc in the case of a non-WMO statement.

Before protocols can be submitted to the VCWE, a number of other matters must be settled, such as:

  • A data management plan. A data management plan is not part of the research protocol that is to be submitted to the VCWE, but must be arranged by the researcher before the research protocol is submitted to the VCWE.
  • Control of privacy according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):
    Privacy (see also GDPR checklist). The privacy control in the study is not monitored or reviewed by the VCWE. The researcher is also responsible for privacy related issues of the study and the researchers must arrange this themselves before the research protocol is submitted to the VCWE.

When submitting the study protocol to VCWE, the following should be noted:

The study protocol, with the necessary attachments, can be submitted by completing the form online at the VCWE Editorial Manager:

Editorial Manager VCWE

When filling out the online form, keep a few things in mind:

  • The application can only be submitted via the Editorial Manager by an employee (researcher) of FGB, not by students.
  • Provide clear, complete and concise descriptions of the study in the form. It is helpful to attach a separate research proposal or research protocol, but it is not intended to be referenced in the form. The form itself must contain the information to test the protocol.
  • For (student) projects it can be useful to prepare to fill in the form with a blank form and to copy and paste the text into the online form.

Amendments may be submitted to already approved proposals, under the condition that the proposal was approved no longer than 5 years ago. Amendments consist of relatively small additions or changes in the approved proposal. When larger changes are considered, such as changes in the research design or involvement of different, more vulnerable populations, a new proposal should be submitted for review.


Summary: check flowchart / decision tree

Contact details
Chair: Prof.dr. A.C. (Anja) Huizink 
Secretary: Prof. dr. Nienke van Atteveldt 

Current members
Dr. Marco Hoozemans (vice-voorzitter)
Dr. Jo de Ruiter
Dr. Annick Ledebt
Dr. Jolanda Maas
Dr. Anders Schinkel
Prof. dr. Paul van Lange
Dr. Martin Gevonden

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