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Technical Support for Research (TO3)

Last updated on 16 June 2022
The Faculty of Behavioural and Human Movement Sciences is actively supported in its research and (some of) its teaching activities by a group of specialist technicians. These technicians develop and manage high-quality equipment, software and experimental setups. In addition, they produce components that are not commercially available and provide advice regarding purchasing and usage of hardware and software for research purposes. To do this, they call upon many years of knowledge and experience with research in the fields of psychology, educational studies and human movement sciences. 

What types of services does TO3 provide to FGB staff and students?

  • Reservations of labs and equipment 
  • Management of hardware, software and experimental set-ups in the Trans and MF labs
  • Resolution of acute and less acute technical issues involving research equipment
  • Development of high-quality, specifically adapted equipment; the department head determines the priority of such requests
  • Advice with regard to technology used for research purposes 

Examples of research equipment that can be reserved

  • Breath analysis
  • Ambulant Monitoring System (AMS)
  • iPods 
  • Laptops 
  • Eye tracking equipment 
  • Optotrak 
  • Tablets 
  • Video cameras
  • High Speed cameras

With whom should you speak for which kind of assistance?

  1. For the most part, it is possible to reserve labs and equipment yourself. For more information see this page. You will pick up and return the reserved equipment via Technical Support for Research; see contact info. 
  2. Technical Support for Research is also the point of contact for resolving acute and less acute technical issues; see contact info.
  3. Development: please contact a hardware/electronics developer and/or software developer at an early stage of your project; see contact. Deadlines will be agreed in consultation and subject to the department head's determination regarding the priority of such requests. Specific forms are available for large requests.


  • Technical Support for Research: MF Building, room B 659, tel. nos: 065 240 34 27 (BW) and 061 131 91 26 (PP) Opening hours Mon-Thurs 9-17, Fri 9-16
  • Hardware (Electronics) Development: MF Building, rooms C 669 and C 679
  • Software/Virtual Reality Development: MF Building, rooms C678, C680 and C684