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Technical Support for Research FGB (TO3)

Direct route to Lab Servant for your reservation
Last updated on 15 March 2024
The Faculty of Behavioral and Movement Sciences is actively supported in its research and (partly) teaching by highly advanced laboratories and research equipment, and a group of specialized technicians and consultants.

The technicians of Technical Support for Research FGB (TO3) develop and manage the (high-quality) equipment, software and research setups that FGB researchers can use. The development of these services is best done at an early stage of the research planning. The TO3 technicians also produce unique components with their advanced equipment that facilitate research and they are singularly qualified to advise you on the purchase and use of the best hardware and software for your research. 

Our staff has years of experience and knowledge in the field of research within psychology, educational sciences and movement sciences.

The research labs and equipment are of top-tier quality and, in some cases, not found at any other research institution in The Netherlands. Some examples of the specialized labs and equipment developed by our technicians include:

  • one of the few climate chambers with extreme temperature settings;
  • a 4-meter wide treadmill for research with cyclists and wheelchair-bound athletes
  • an atmospherically decorated observation room where researchers can observe and record research subjects’ activities without being seen.

Technical Support for Research is also the right place to come to borrow handheld equipment and hardware including:

  • Breath analysis
  • Ambulant Monitoring
  • System (AMS)
  • iPads
  • Laptops
  • Eye registration equipment
  • Optotrak
  • Tablets
  • Video camera’s
  • High Speed camera's

The total overview of our equipment can be found in our reservation system Lab Servant.

Technical Support Research services

  • Reservation of labs and equipment

    Reservations for labs and equipment can mostly be made directly online. Information can be found on this page. The collecting and returning of reserved equipment is done at the Technical Support Research desk (see contact block for location).

  • Helpdesk for all your research questions

    For all questions related to your research you can reach out to Technical Support Research. We are happy to help you or to direct you to the appropriate technical specialist. For solving acute technical problems you can also visit the Technical Support Research desk in the MF building (see contact block for exact location).

  • Management of equipment, software and research setups in the labs at MF

    We support you in using the labs and how to set up your research. We will also help you figure out the best way to approach the required testing results and brainstorm about possible modifications. The sooner you involve us in your plans, the better we can serve you.

  • Development of measurement instruments, mechanical parts and software

    Contact us at an early stage of your research so that we can effectively help you develop the necessary electronics, mechanics and/or software required to conduct your research. Deadlines are mutually agreed upon, with prioritization determined by the department head. Specific forms are available for large assignments.

    • Electronics
      • Development of measuring instruments and sensors
      • Checking lab setups
      • Data acquisition
    • Mechanics
      • Development and manufacture of mechanical parts for research setups 
    • Software development
      • Development of software for data collection and analysis
      • Development of (online) experiments
      • Online data collection
      • Visualization/Virtual reality
      • AI
  • Advice on technical possibilities

    Which equipment is best to use? At which stage of your research should you think about bringing in technical support? What is the best way to process the data? Which software is most suitable? We are happy to give you advice on these and other topics. Make an appointment with one of our staff members for consultation at an early stage of your research planning.

The sooner, the better

The Technical Support Research staff is happy to assist you early on in your research process to avoid wasting time searching for the right approach and tools. We advise you to schedule our assistance as soon as possible in order to keep your deadlines feasible.

More support during all phases of your research

Contact our team

Involve us early on in your research

Opening hours Mon-Do 9-17 hrs, Fri 9-16 hrs

Building Medical Faculty (MF)

Technical Support Research: kamer B661
Electronics development: rooms C669 and C679
Software/virtual reality development: rooms C678, C680 and C684 Frontdesk Techsupport: room B659