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Last updated on 23 January 2024
The most important administrative body in the faculty is the Faculty Board. This board is responsible for the organisation and coordination of teaching and research in the faculty.

The dean is the head of the faculty and chair of the Faculty Board. The Faculty Board is responsible for:

  • The programmes associated with the faculty
  • Research conducted by the researchers appointed by the faculty 
  • The operations of the faculty 

The Faculty Board also appoints the members of the various committees, such as the Examination Board and the Programme Committees. The various duties and responsibilities are documented in the faculty regulations.

The Faculty Board of Behavioural and Human Movement Sciences also comprises a Director of Operations, a portfolio holder for teaching, a portfolio holder for research, a portfolio holder Valorization and a student observer. The Faculty Board is assisted by the Faculty Secretariat.

Faculty Board members

The Faculty Board convenes weekly on Wednesday (exemptions excluded). The deadline for submitting documents is at 12 o’clock PM on Thursday preceding the meeting. Please submit meeting documents by e-mail to the Executive Secretary Desk.

HRM related matters: The board discusses HRM related matters every first Wednesday of the month. The Head of Department is responsible for both a timely request for review by the board as well as providing the board with all necessary meeting documents required thereto. The deadline for submitting a request for review and underlying documentation is at least 7 working days before the planned board meeting. Only complete HR dossiers are eligible for review by the board.

Student Assessor

The student assessor is present at Board meetings, Strategic Meetings and Joint Meetings. This student is nominated by the Faculty Student Council and appointed by the Faculty Board for a period of (in principle) one year. 

Strategic Meeting

The Faculty Board convenes for a Strategic Meeting (SO) montly with the heads of department and programme directors of the three clusters of FGB (psychology, human movement sciences and educational sciences). The board consults with members of the Strategic Meeting about strategy, policy (implementation) as well as matters related to programmes and departments. Members of the Strategic Meeting give advice to the board on internal and external matters of the faculty.

Joint meeting

The FGB Joint Meeting (FGB GV) convenes approximately bimonthly (5-6 meetings per academic year). Participating bodies are the FGB Employee Council (ODC), the Faculty Student Council (FSR) and the Faculty Board. The FGB ODC and FGB FSR have the right of approval and/or give advice in accordance with VU regulations.


The dean has the role of chairman of the doctoral committee. More information is available on the website of the Graduate School and the PhD Education Committee (PEC).

Appointment (endowed) professor

(Special) chairs: Proposals for establishment of a new chair should always be submitted to the Faculty Board. A written proposal should cover the following elements: motivation why the chair in question reinforces the objectives of the department and the faculty, how many FTE it involves and how its financing is covered within the departmental budget.

In the event a prospective chair holder is selected the following documents should be included:

  • resume of candidate
  • fact sheet according to the FGB's criteria,
  • profile sketch/structure report of the chair and, in the case of special chairs (from an external foundation or similar),
  • members of the curatorium
  • a  formal motivated request from  the external party  to create (and usually co-fund) this specific special professorship with our faculty (department). More information (with formats).


The director of operations and the dean are authorised to enter into agreements with third parties on behalf of the faculty (formally: VU Foundation) up to an amount of €350,000 (text only available in Dutch). Agreements above €350,000 are signed by the CvB. 

In daily practice, all project applications (and related forms) and agreements with third parties are signed by the Director of Operations (Drs. M.M. van Aken, position: Managing Director).

Signature requests for both dean and managing director can be submitted to the Executive Secretary Desk (room MF H647a or by e-mail to All documents concerning projects must be accompanied by an approved budget from project control and (if necessary*) approval from a VU lawyer (subsidy desk/IXA). Agreements not being VU standard must be assessed by a VU lawyer prior to the signature request; their approval should be submitted with the signature request*. 

*We strongly advise to involve both project control and the department manager at the earliest possible stage.

Faculty Board Secretary Desk

Prof. dr. M.W. (Maurits) van Tulder
Ms Ingrid van der Poel
Tel: 020-598 8888
Available: Mon-Wed-Thu-Fri

Martin van Aken
Ms Chantal Beckers
Tel: 020-598 3905
Available: Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri