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Module 1 RBA Program: Understanding clients and behaviors

In this module, you will learn the insights of the first phase of the investment process: detailing client requirements and related investment behavior.

Knowing your client should be the first step in every financial advice, and especially since the financial crisis of 2008-2009, it is the main keyword in financial supervision. In this module, we dig into a few essential elements of client profiling, such as What are the client’s investment beliefs? What is the client’s risk appetite and how can we measure it? What behavioral biases are well known and how can we cope with these? The answers to these questions amongst others will provide you with building blocks to make a sound and “supervisory proof” investment policy statement of your client.


  • Basic understanding of various types of clients in the Dutch financial market with key characteristics and today’s main investment challenges.
  • Integration of both financial planning and investments.
  • Setting collective and individual risk profiles?
  • Understanding and applying new tools in the risk profile setting.
  • Comparing dynamics in risk profiling across various client groups and financing types (DB, DC, insurance, asset only schemes)
  • Integrating insights from behavioral finance in the design and decision-making process.
  • Defining investment beliefs as the basis for an effective investment process.

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