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Boost your career and make your data work for you

Geographical Information Sciences

In the part-time three-year Master's in Geographical Information Sciences, you will learn how to use GIS in decision-making processes in government, industry and other organisations. You can also opt for a one- or two-year programme. If you want to get more out of your (spatial) data and share your findings with greater impact, this is the Master’s programme for you. Unlock the potential of GIS to give your data more power!

Geographical Information Sciences (GIS) will show you how to turn data into powerful knowledge. You’ll be able to better analyse data, and visualise your findings in stunning, informative maps. From urban planning to effective marketing, tracking a pandemic to advising about effective green energy strategies, you’ll gain the skills to take data analysis to new heights.

Skilled GIS professionals will teach you how to make impactful maps, using the latest technology and methods. Then, you’ll use the information to clearly communicate your work and create impact.

Which GIS course do you choose?

  • One-year GIS programme (VU certificate)
  • Two year GIS programme (VU diploma)
  • Three-year MSc GIS programme (master's title)

After completing the master's, you will have skills and tools that you can put to use immediately. Whether you work as a marketer, data manager or consultant for an NGO, agricultural organisation or retailer, this master's will give you the tools to provide even better insight into decision-making processe

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