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Broaden your possibilities and learn new languages

Would you like to learn a new language? Or two?

Then the minor Foreign Language Learning is right for you.

Admission and Registration

  • Admission

    This minor is open to all Bachelor’s students in their second year or up. Students from other universities are welcome as well. As with all minor programmes, don’t forget to ask permission from your Examination Board.

    Under ‘curriculum’ we have added some very important information on this permission. Please read it carefully, especially if you are not a Humanities student.

  • Registration

    More information about Admission and Registration (Dutch: Aanmelden voor een minor)

    Are you not a student of the faculty of Humanities of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and would you like to take this minor? First request permission from your own Examination Board. Under ‘curriculum’ we have added some very important information on this permission. Please read it very carefully.

    Depending on the number of languages you choose, you will probably need some other courses to complete your minor package of 30 EC. If you choose to study two languages over the course of two periods, you need one extra course. This can be an interesting addition to your minor. Examples of courses you can take are:

    Level 100 courses:

    Period 1: Introduction to Linguistics (6EC, level 100)

    Period 1: Introduction to Communication Studies (6EC, level 100)

    Period 2: Language, Media and Communication (prerequisite: Introduction to Communication Studies) (6EC, level 100)

    Level 200 courses:

    Period 1: Literacy Development (6EC, level 200)

    Period 2: Second Language Acquisition (prerequisite: Introduction to Linguistics) (6EC, level 200)

    Period 2: Multilingual Communication in the EU (6EC, level 200)

    Period 3: Philosophy CIS-L&S-MADA (Intercultural philosophy) (6EC, level 200)

    You need to register for all the courses you want to take. You can do this in the registration module on 

    Are you an exchange student or Semester in Amsterdam student? The International Office is responsible for course approval and registration. Please contact either the Incoming Exchange Team or Semester in Amsterdam Team for details:

    Exchange programme –

    Semester in Amsterdam programme –

Do you have detailed questions about the programme?

Don’t hesistate to contact Dr. Petra Bos