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Broaden your possibilities and learn new languages

The minor Foreign Language Learning offers you the opportunity to learn one or more new languages in one semester.

Learning a new language means you will become familiar with the sounds, words and grammar of your new language. Depending on the language, you will also practice simple conversations (introducing yourself, asking for directions, talking about daily life) and/or read and write simple texts.

The language of instruction in these courses is English, but for Spanish, there are also classes where Dutch is the language of instruction. These courses are called Spaans 1 and Spaans 2. Please be aware that those classes are very popular and the number of participants is limited. There is also the opportunity to take Spaans 3 in period 3 and Spaans 4 in period 4.

In language classes, individual attention is very important for your progress. That is why all classes are limited to 30 participants.

This is not a complete minor programme, but the courses will give you the opportunity to create your own minor programme, in which learning one or more new languages is the key element. We offer language courses in period 1 and 2 (level 1 in period 1 and level 2 in period 2).

Depending on the number of languages you choose, you will probably need some other courses to complete your minor package of 30 EC. If you choose to study two languages over the course of two periods, you need one extra course. This can be an interesting addition to your minor. Examples of courses you can take are:

Level 100 courses:

Period 1: Introduction to Linguistics (6EC, level 100)

Period 1: Introduction to Communication Studies (6EC, level 100)

Period 2: Language, Media and Communication (prerequisite: Introduction to Communication Studies) (6EC, level 100)

Level 200 courses:

Period 1: Literacy Development (6EC, level 200)

Period 2: Second Language Acquisition (prerequisite: Introduction to Linguistics) (6EC, level 200)

Period 2: Multilingual Communication in the EU (6EC, level 200)

Period 3: Philosophy CIS-L&S-MADA (Intercultural philosophy) (6EC, level 200)

Information for students of the Faculty of Humanities

If you participate in a Language minor package, you need to take at least one course at the 300-level, so you have to look for other courses yourself, in addition to choosing one or two languages and/or choosing any of the subjects listed above.

Information for students of other faculties

If you are not a student of the Faculty of Humanities, please read the following very carefully: Our language courses start at beginner’s levels, therefore the courses in period 1 are level 100 courses. If you want to learn two new languages, please check with your Examination Board if they will accept a minor package with two courses at level 100. If they don’t, then you should only choose one language (level 100 in period 1 and level 200 in period 2) and find three other courses of the requested levels to complete your minor package.

Overview courses

  • Spanish 1 & 2

    Over the course of two periods, you will acquire a basic knowledge of Spanish. This means that you can participate in simple conversations, read and understand simple texts and write a short text about everyday subjects. If you complete both courses, you will reach level A2/B1 and you will also have an understanding of the Spanish culture.

  • French 1 & 2

    In the courses French 1 & 2, you will learn to handle basic communicative tasks in French, and you will be trained to use frequent expressions and French grammar. You will learn to produce simple connected text on topics that are familiar or of personal interest and can describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes & ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans. You will also be introduced to French culture through new media.

  • Morrocan Arabic 1 & 2

    In these courses, you will acquire knowledge of and insight into the sound system, word formation, processes and sentence structures of Moroccan Arabic. You will practise basic conversation skills in Moroccan Arabic (the spoken language of large regions in Morocco, including the most important cities). If you complete both courses, you will be able to deal with communication situations such as the ones you encounter when travelling through Morocco.

    We will not pay attention to written language as Moroccan Arabic is a language variety that is only used for oral communication.

  • Elementary Latin 1 & 2

    Elementary Latin 1 & 2 will introduce you to the basics of Latin grammar, syntax, and morphology. You will acquire a basic vocabulary and get used to resources used in Latin studies (glossaries, dictionaries, grammars, annotation guidelines, etc.). We will read different types of historical sources, both literary texts and documents. Upon completion of the courses, you will be able to translate elementary Latin texts from Antiquity and the Middle Ages.