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The moral philosophy behind legal systems

You’ll come out of the Philosophy of Law and Governance programme with excellent critical-thinking and analytical skills.

Your critical attitude means you’ll be able to reason independently and to reflect on both your own learnings and what others tell you. Your writing will also be top notch, and you’ll know how to give and receive feedback on written texts – a very useful skill in all kinds of professions.

What can you do after your Master's degree?

Pursue an academic career

Many graduates from the Philosophy of Law and Governance programme stay in academia – in fact, we’ve recruited several of them as teachers and researchers for the legal philosophy department at VU Amsterdam!

Start a legal career

For those wishing to pursue a legal career, there are lots of opportunities: the programme’s focus on taking a critical attitude towards the law means that alumni often end up in higher level legal roles. You could become a judge or barrister in the judiciary, a researcher at a university, or a legal representative in a government organisation.