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Become a scientific researcher in the field of oncology

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide and the incidence keeps rising due to the aging of the population.

Amsterdam UMC has identified cancer research as one of its core research areas. The Cancer Center Amsterdam (CCA) works in close collaboration with international and national centres of excellence in the area of Oncology, such as the Dutch Cancer Institute. The Master Oncology aims to transfer the unique combination of translational Oncology research to the next generation of students. You will be trained in state-of-the-art techniques in cancer research and therapy in a challenging environment by experts in the field. You will become an MSc in Oncology with in-depth knowledge, attitudes and skills in the field of cancer research. This includes the development, execution, organization and evaluation of scientific research.

Discover your Oncology programme

The programme:

  • is designed to equip you to become the next generation of scientists who are eager to understand the causes of cancer and develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic modalities;
  • offers a small scale programme providing personal attention and guidance;
  • is developed by passionate clinical and preclinical scientists who are active in the field of Oncology;
  • is unique and teaches from the perspective of translational research.
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